How Is A Mutual Fund Calculator Helpful?



To get an exact estimate of the returns you expect from your investment, you can use a mutual funds calculator. This is an invaluable tool that you can find online that can make lighter work of planning investment goals, comparing investment options, meaning risks, and simplifying investment processes. In other words, you can make more informed decisions much faster. Mutual funds calculators estimate the future value based on the initial investment amounts, time horizons, and expected returns.

The Calculator is also smart enough to consider the compounding effect of most investment schemes. This is how it can help you to estimate future values more accurately. In addition, the mutual fund calculator estimates the tax liability on your investment, providing real-time updates; It can easily be accessed on any device with an Internet connection. If you are a mutual ICICI Prudential MNC Fund investor, having at least one calculator tool is critical to assist you with your financial goals. 

People who don’t understand how the returns are calculated on a mutual fund Will find investing in one of these funds to be a little confusing. But come out, there are ways that they can easily determine the potential return on a mutual fund investment with the help of a mutual fund calculator. In this blog, we explain how this mutual fund calculator works and how you can apply it when investing in your fund. How Is A Mutual Fund Calculator Helpful?

Mutual Fund Calculators: What are they? 

With an online SIP calculator tool, you can easily determine the potential returns on any mutual fund investment. It can prove to be useful when estimating the value of your investment over a certain period of time in a user-friendly way. For an accurate estimate of the future value of your investment, this Calculator will check the expected return rates, the investment horizon, and the initial investment amount.

What are the benefits of using a Mutual Fund Calculator? 

Taking steps toward your future goals: 

By estimating the kind of returns you can expect on an investment, a mutual fund calculator assists you in planning your financial future. You can determine the amount you need to invest into a mutual fund by using the Calculator so that planning for your financial future is much easier. 

 Returns are calculated in this way:

 You can easily calculate the returns you get more accurately when you use a calculator like this. The Calculator can even process compounding returns as well – this is where you earn interest on interest for more accurate estimations.

 Management of risks:

 Easier risk management assessment: 

You can reduce and manage your risk tolerance and risks associated with the schemes by using the Calculator to estimate the returns you get. Next, you can even choose investment plans that will suit your risk appetite based on that risk.

Investing Process Simplified: 

A mutual fund calculator delivers a more accurate estimate of your investment returns. This is the easiest way to simplify the investment evaluation process by eliminating manual calculations. It also reduces the possibility of errors and is much faster as well.

Updated real-time information:

The potential returns that the calculator estimates based on your investment are done in real-time. This is how you can track the performance of your investments and make changes whenever necessary.

Investing based on goals 

A mutual fund calculator is the best way to determine your investment goals And plan out your investments based on those goals. It suggests the amount you need to invest to reach your goals based on the target amount and the time you have to accomplish it. You can organise your investments in this way and plan them out more effectively.

Implications for taxation:

Your investment may also have tax implications, which can be determined using a  calculator. The Calculator can estimate your tax liability based on the tax bracket you fall under, the type of mutual fund scheme, and the holding period of your investment.

Investing Options Comparison: 

You can compare the different ICICI Prudential MNC Fund schemes available to you using the Calculator. This makes it easier for you to choose the one best suited for you based on the returns you receive from it. When you have this estimation, you can tally it against your investment horizon and risk tolerance to know just how good those returns will be.  

What is the right way to use a mutual fund online calculator tool?

Using the online mutual fund calculator two is surprisingly easy. Simply follow these steps to get the estimation you require.

  • Visit to Bajaj Finserv website and look for the online mutual fund calculator tool
  • Fill in the relevant fields on the form, like expected returns, investment amount, and investment horizon.
  • Click on the ‘calculate’ button to get an estimate of the future value of your investment
  • You can even adjust all of these inputs to assess how the different investment return rates, investment amounts, and horizons will affect your potential returns
  • Based on your risk profile and investment horizon, you can easily choose the mutual fund schemes that are suited to your needs. 

With the help of a  calculator, you can simplify the investment process. You even have accurate data to help you make more informed investment decisions and determine your investments’ potential returns.

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